Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pagan Temples and Christian Monasteries

Last weekend Becca and I took the kids out to see some of the Armenian country side and visit some Monasteries.

The below Photos were taken at Khor Virap Monastery.

Here there exists a tradition that if one releases a Dove and makes a wish the wish will come true.

The next Monastery that we visited was the Noravank Monastery.

The below photos are of the Garni Pagan Temple. Once a fortress in the 3rd century BC and then a Heathen Temple in the 1st century AD.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Handful of Random

While going through my Photographs, I came across a few that I really liked and had not yet posted on my Blog. So I up loaded them and decided to share them.

These were taken in a small fishing town in Maryland.

DC at night, while the Cherry Blossoms were in full bloom.

Pelican hanging out on the Oceanside Pier.
Old House South of Spring City.
Reflection of Horseshoe Mountain.
The old sawmill and Horseshoe Mountain.
A sample of our rose Garden
Becca and Ava at Oceanside Beach


The Sand and Snow on the beaches of Ocean City MD.
Parade (St. Patrick’s day I think) in Down Town DC.

Looking out of the main gate to Ft. Wahsington.
The one time I did not have my camera with me Becca and I watched this taxi catch fire, I ran back to the hotel to get my camera but it was too late, I missed the action.
Becca and Megan at Ft. Whasington.
Becca overlooking the waterfalls at Great Falls National Park(Virginia side).Unknown kayaker picking his approach line into the rapids at Great Falls.

Photos from Tbilisi, Georgia

A few weekends ago Becca and I took the kids on a cross border trip over to Tbilisi Georgia. The Below are a few of the pictures I took from that trip. Becca will soon be posting a more detailed blog about this trip.

As we went to Tbilisi on an Embassy sponsored tour, I am looking forward to going back to Tbilisi with a the enhanced freedom of travel that is not afforded on a tour bus.