Thursday, January 13, 2011

Random Take II

A new way to flatten you tire... Cow horn through the sidewall.
Old decrepit cement woman...

Khorvap and Mt Ararat

Armenian BBQ
Passageways in Yerevan


Amberd Fortress , and Monastery

We had a fog roll in with sub-freezing temperatures the following pictures are the result.


Juniper Tree
More Roses


Lavash and Khoravots

We recently went to a friends house where her Grandma made Armenian flat bread known as Lavash. The Lavash pit was then used for Armenian BBQ (Khoravots)

Grandpa plays the Duduk while others dance.

Grandma heats up the Lavash Pit
Throwing the Dough
Placing the dough on the wall of the lavash pit

The finished product