Monday, April 11, 2011

The Ghost of Carnivals Past

This winter while driving out to visit our friend and partake of a traditional Xash (pronounced Ha'ash) breakfast when we noticed this old broke down amusement park. Although not revelent to these photographs, here is a little background on Khash. Khash is one of the most festive Armenian dishes eaten mostly in the cold season. Its cooking and consumption is highly traditional and is usually eaten in the morning with good amounts of garlic and mass quantities vodka. Khash is made from cows' feet, stomach and Armenian ingenuity. To prepare the cows feet for cooking all hair must be stripped off and cleaned until it is translucent. Then, the cow feet are boiled all night until they reach a gelatinous state where the flavor and smell is pleasantly pungent and the flesh (mainly tendons) flake off the bones.