Friday, March 25, 2011


Noy is the Armenian word for Noah, as in Noah and the Ark. Mt Ararat is the mountain that was once located in Armenia, but after WWI was give to Turkey as a gift from the Soviet Union. The Armenians Believe that Mt Ararat is the location where Noah's Ark landed, therefore making them the direct descendants of Noah. Although this post has nothing to do with where the Ark landed, Noy is the name given to the neighborhood in which I reside. A few months ago Becca wanted to capture certain aspects of our neighborhood and post on her blog. I took my camera along and took the following pictures. One of the many stray dogs that call our neighborhood home. This one has been affectionately named Pus because of the cist that ruptured leaving his fur a nasty greenish color.

Repairs or being stripped of every usable part... it is anybody’s guess with this van.

The ultimate mobile home. This is a bus that was converted into a home that up until recently was lived in.

Coffee injections Anyone?